Bolu is twenty-four years old and graduated with a first-class honours degree in law from a university in the United Kingdom. However, he sees, hears, or believes things that are not real. The Trolley is a short story that portrays his first psychotic breakdown while on a trip to Lagos to visit his domineering mother—Mama Swiss. She forces him to accompany her to church one fateful Sunday morning, where Bolu has a psychotic episode. First, he sees flashing lights and then hears his name loudly echoing in the vast auditorium. No one else sees or hears it. Suddenly, he marches to the podium and shockingly assaults the Prophet, horrifying the church members. Bolu has an undiagnosed mental health condition called paranoid schizophrenia. But the church responds to his strange behaviour by binding him in chains for three days, whipping him many times to drive the demons out of him. Even so, between Bolu’s zealotic mother, who utterly refuses to accept that her only son has a mental health condition, and Kasia, his Polish girlfriend, who notices the slow change in him but does not speak up on time, they unwittingly unleash events that send Bolu over the edge and possibly to his death.

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David Kunle Agunbiade arpa

Advertising Executive. Creative/Copywriter. Doctoral Research Student & Author

David Kunle Agunbiade, also known as DKA, is a multifaceted professional. He is an Advertising Executive, Creative and Copywriter, Doctoral Research Student, and Author, showcasing his diverse skills and knowledge.

In 2020, DKA made his mark in fictional writing with a self-published short story, The Trolley. This e-book, available on Amazon, Okadabooks, and other digital platforms, has been a success, paving the way for his first full-length novel, Gods of Men, which is currently in progress and promises to captivate readers.

His literary passion has also extended to showcasing younger creative writers through the DKA Creative Writers’ Network, which hosts two annual writing contests—the DKA Annual Short Story Writing Competition and the DKA Annual Poetry Prize. Both contests attract significant cash prizes, with a view to awarding cash prizes of Ten Million naira (N10m) in due course.

Finally, DKA’s passion for advertising and commensurate copywriting skills led him to found Trinity David Media & Communications, a Lagos-based advertising outfit. He is accredited by ARCON (Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria) as an associated registered practitioner in advertising.

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Research skills are specialized and developed, sought by corporate or individual clients who desire a methodical investigation to establish facts or reach new conclusions.



The sole aim of editing is to produce a correct, consistent, accurate and complete piece of work. If this is what you are looking for, I would love to help


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This service is tailored for clients who require this expertise in crafting compelling and effective marketing campaign slogans or write-ups


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Do you have a story to tell but lack the time, skill, or confidence to write yourself? I am happy to help you bring your story to life. And guess what? The work will be under your name, of course.

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