Pleased to announce the first in a series of publications by Oby Olamma Nnadi titled “Oby’s Digest on Mental Health,” which I had the joy of proofreading and editing, I’m pleased to say
This first edition focuses on Self Care and Vaginal Hygiene. A recommended read for women or men who may feel that their partners could benefit from the vital nuggets of information laid bare in this digest.
Oby Nnadi is one of Nigeria’s leading mental health advocates and founded Love and Life International – a mental health awareness Non-Governmental Organisation. Known to many as Radio Doctor, Oby Nnadi has radio discussions on vital topics relating to mental health on Thursdays (3-4pm) at Wazobia FM 95.1. Lagos.
Oby Nnadi’s digest is only available in e-copies. To access it, click the link below.