Bolu is twenty-four years old and graduated with a first-class honours degree in law from a university in the United Kingdom. However, he sees, hears, or believes things that are not real. The Trolley is a short story that portrays his first psychotic breakdown while on a trip to Lagos to visit his domineering mother—Mama Swiss. She forces him to accompany her to church one fateful Sunday morning, where Bolu has a psychotic episode. First, he sees flashing lights and then hears his name loudly echoing in the vast auditorium. No one else sees or hears it.


Oby’s Digest on Mental Health is Oby Nnadi’s latest initiative to sensitize Nigerians on mental health, with each volume forming part of an ongoing series of publications. The author appears to have gone against the grain in this first edition by writing on Self-Care and Vaginal Hygiene. Naturally, some may question the connection between vaginal care and mental health. And the answer lies within the pages of this book. Suffice it to say that many women suffer silently in their marriage or romantic relationships due to their ongoing struggle with a problem….